What We Do

Roll-O-Matic Garage Doors

  • Repairs garage doors and operating units, regardless of make or model, and
  • Installs new garage doors and operating units for both existing homes and new construction

Who We Are

Operating continuously since 1947, Roll-O-Matic Garage Doors has been part of the evolution of the garage door industry – from basic fixtures lifted and lowered by “people power” to the now dizzying array of choices for garage doors, motor units and accessories.

Family-owned and operated by John and Gena Catapano, we specialize in taking the “dizzy” out of the choices you can make for your garage door. Roll-O-Matic Garage Doors is also an independent installer. What does this mean for you?

  • We take the time to meet and work with you in selecting the product that will best fit your needs, and ensure all of your questions are fully answered;
  • We are not committed to any one garage door manufacturer or door style, so we can freely present you with the best options to fit both your desired look and budget;
  • We focus on pleasing you while taking pride in the quality of our work. Every repair and new installation is done by an owner or employee of Roll-O-Matic, never contracted out, and is backed by our pledge of satisfaction.